The Advantages Of Keeping Your Horse In A Livery Yard

A livery yard or boarding stable is a facility where horse owners pay a fee, usually weekly or monthly, to keep their horses. These facilities have paddocks, clean stables or loose boxes, riding pens, and access to nature trails. Liveries offer different levels of service. There are those that offer full boarding which includes feeding, provision of water, stabling, stall cleaning, and daily exercising.

Some liveries also offer self-boarding services where the horse owner is shoulders all tasks relating to the care of the animal. In such case, the facility thus only provides stabling. Partial liveries are also available. In this setup, the horse is provided with shelter, food, and water, but the training and exercise is done by the owner. Using livery yards is a good option for horse owners who do not have adequate space at home or do not have sufficient time to attend to their horses. It also has several other advantages. These are highlighted below.

Meet your horse’s socialization needs

Horses, being herd animals, need equine companionship. When they are living in isolation, such as when they are kept in your property on their own or with just one other horse, they can develop stable vices and bad habits like wood chewing and wall kicking, become irritable, and get sick quickly. Placing them in a livery yard with several horses can help them to thrive. Boarding stables differ in size: some have herds of four and there are also larger ones with more than forty horses. Many horse owners prefer smaller livery stables because they feel that these offer more personalized service.

Access to riding and grazing areas


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Horses that are exercised regularly are calm, happy, and healthy. If you wish to ride your horse in competitions, exercise becomes even more important because this helps you tame the horse enough to compete and build its stamina and speed. Livery stables have riding arenas or sand schools where you can do this. If you cannot ride your horse because of time constraints, the grazing area available in these facilities will allow your hose to roam free and socialize with other horses. Some facilities have access to off road hacking trails, too, so you can train your horse in different terrains.

Work with equine care experts

People manning these facilities are experts in equine care and training. By keeping your horses in a boarding stable, you are sure that they are well taken care of. Also, if you’re new to owning a horse, these experts can provide you with valuable advice if you are unsure of what to do.